“It’ll get easier”.
“Be grateful for what you have”.
“Just stop thinking negatively”.

There’s a misconception which is deep rooted in our society. It’s the idea that mental ill-health is a choice, not a medical condition. The idea that if you suffer from mental
ill-health, it’s because you’re lazy, unmotivated and pessimistic. But this presents an issue of cause and effect. Most people think that these characteristics cause
depression, but I, and many, many others, will agree that this is not the case. Depression causes these characteristics in a person. They turn the ambitious into the unfocussed,
the bubbly into the drained, the positive into the pessimistic, the social into the isolated.

Once the characteristics that make you who you are have been quashed by these relentless illness’ you quite often will not recognise yourself in a mirror, you won’t know who you are, and you more than likely won’t have a clue how to get yourself back from the clutches of your own mind.

This is a crucial time, a time to reach out, a time to talk, a time to ask
someone for their help and support.

Quite often this is the hardest part, but as society undergoes a significant paradigm shift in attitudes towards mental health and encouragement to reach out, perhaps the idea of asking for help is becoming less daunting, for some at least?

Stay safe,